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    "... do something like read Lord of the Rings to relax my mind" Nice. While studying, I usually put on some music in the background. Nothing too jarring through, just soundtrack type music like Bo Hansson's 1970 album, "Sagan om ringen." Old prog rock like that ...

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    I completely agree. I'm pretty close to DC so whenever I feel stressed, I go to DC with some friends just to get everything off of my mind. When I come back, everything is 100% more clear and I'm significantly more productive! ------------------------------ Iva ...

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    Hi everyone! If the GMAT is so hard, could taking the GRE be a better option instead or do business schools prefer the GMAT results? Thanks! ------------------------------ Iva Boishin University of Maryland International Business and Marketing Major ------------------------------

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    I definitely do not cram. I study a little bit a time, review the material and try to really sit with it and internalize it daily. Then no cramming needed. ------------------------------ Tasha Unninayar Angels Camp CA ------------------------------

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    My name is Jennifer Reeder and I was initiated into Phi Kappa Phi at UA Little Rock in 2017. I am finishing my Masters in Social Work. The one piece of career advice I'd like to pass along is write down people's names and try to remember them the next time you ...


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