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    The semester is almost over... Remember, organic chemistry is beautiful! Are there any other funny cartoons related to your field? ------------------------------ Monica Marie Arroyo, PhD Associate Professor of Chemistry PKP Chapter Secretary Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico 2250 Blvd Luis. A. Ferré Aguayo, Ste. 569 Ponce, PR 00717 LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/monicamarroyo ...

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    I would tell myself to embrace every moment in life because we never get those moments back. Enjoy every second that passes and live it to the fullest so that one day you can say "I did that, and it was a good experience for me" instead of "I wanted to try it, now I'll never know how I feel about it." ------------------------------ Mira Jabbour Sacramento, CA ------------------------------

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    I recently traveled to Lebanon, in the Middle East. It wasn't my first time there but it was my first time since I've graduated college with my BA. my family is originally from there but I'be lived most of my life in California. I really got the chance to enjoy the night life there and the beaches were stunning. If you really want to have a good time, meet a culture that is SO VERY different from your ...

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    Hello everyone! I'm not sure if we are allowed to re-introduce ourselves but I feel I need to. My name is Mellyora Crawford and I was initiated into Phi Kappa Phi at Troy University in 2016. I have a degree in Human Resources Management and Criminal Justice. The one piece of career advice I'd like to pass along is to always do what you were meant to do by way of learning. Having been in the ...

  • Thanks to everyone who submitted photos to our 2018 Spring Graduation Photo Contest! We received more than 700 photos of Phi Kappa Phi members proudly wearing Society recognition apparel on their big day. After much deliberation, Phi Kappa Phi staff members narrowed the field to 10 outstanding entries. Now we need your help to pick the winners! Click here to vote now! (Please note the system ...


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