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    Hi All! So I'm a split second away from a PhD and I don't want to teach!!! At least not in the university setting. I'm a creative person and looking for advice as well as testimonies of what others have done with their PhD besides professorship. BTW my PhD is in Educational Leadership, Policy, & Human Development. Thx ------------------------------ Tia Crooms Jacksonville NC (919) 201-7122 ------ ...

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    I'm looking for a quick boost in my coding and software development skills to add to my Masters in GIS. Does anyone here have any experiences both negative and positive or any recommendations regarding immersive programs? ------------------------------ Melissa J Texas State University ------------------------------

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    I am a list maker! I tend to make several lists of what I need to do, and break them down as far as I can. The satisfaction in crossing something off & throwing away a post it note is very rewarding! I find when I'm stressed that most times it makes me buckle down on a task even more intensely, I shut doors, put in study music and just get to work. There are times where I feel so stressed that I procrastinate, ...

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    RE: TED Talks

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    One of my absolute FAVORITE TED talks is Rita Pierson's Every Kid Needs A Champion . Just listening to her speak about her experiences, what she's seen through her mother's experiences, and so on in the classroom is just awesome. I would watch this while I was student teaching every once in a while to keep me on my feet and remembering why I wanted to do this in the first place! ------------------------------ ...

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    RE: GIF Party!

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    This is me as I try to finish up my 2 research projects!! We're almost there! ------------------------------ Sofia Salinas Indiana PA ------------------------------


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