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    What Am I Grateful for? I am a grateful for my family. I didn't like my family, growing up, but now I appreciate them. On my worst days I'm grateful to just hear their voice and to see them as opposed to being alone. I do not know if I would have been able to continue my studies if my family had not accepted me back. Now, I've completed my Masters program and with a perfect GPA. For the help I received ... (more)

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    My name is Lukas Pidgeon and I was initiated into Phi Kappa Phi at University of Florida in 2018. I am a Junior in Soil & Water Sciences with an emphasis on Water Science. The one piece of career advice I'd like to pass along is have a vision. Within that vision have a passion. With that passion, maintain your integrity. Keeping those in mind you will find fulfillment in your purpose and with that ... (more)

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    Hello, fellow Phi Kappa Phi members! My name is Erica Mizuma and I was initiated into Phi Kappa Phi at Pennsylvania State University in April 2018.  I will be graduating this December from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing.  I have been working as a registered nurse for over 3 years in Miami, Florida while pursuing my B.S.N. degree and I can proudly say that all of ... (more)

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    Hi, my name is Wei. My initiation is pending. I am expected to graduate from Fordham University in May 2020. I major in philosophy and French, and minor in German. If you count philosophical writing as a different kind of language, then I study 3 languages at the same time.  Study tip: know thyself. Wether it be instinct or feeling, if I "know" some particular areas of a subject of which I am not ... (more)

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    Good editing is an important part of the book development process. Self-editing is an essential part of the writing process after you have written a rough draft to work with. However, the self-editing that is part of writing, or is satisfactory for work, a social media post, or an assignment is not the same thing as the professional editing involved in developing a top-quality book. Our digital age ... (more)


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