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    Hello, Kelly: I've been hooked on coffee for as long as I can remember, and unfortunately I feel that I've built up an unreasonable tolerance to it at this point.  I can go through a full fresh pot without as much as a buzz, and it's basically a comfort "food" as opposed to any kind of morning booster.  I suppose this was unavoidable, as I have worked as a barista for about four years now to pay for ...

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    Hello, everyone: My name is Nicholas McKenna (Nico for short).  As of this post, I will be initiated into Phi Kappa Phi in less than a week.  I grew up in Northern Virginia for most of my childhood and naturally gravitated towards technology in both my interests and education path.  I am due to graduate on-time from Marymount University with a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology by Spring ...

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    I admire Caravaggio because his paintings show the figures how they really were. He did not try to compliment them ,and so mask their real feelings and emotions. Caravaggio's pictures are expressing the weakness of human nature in a physical and psychological way.

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    Hello Everyone,  My name is Kelli and I am a senior at San Jose State University in this Phi Kappa Phi chapter and was initiated in March of this year. I am currently working on my bachelor's in child and adolescent development with a minor in studio art. My favorite downtime activity is working with anything hands-on that's crafty and creative, I also enjoy hanging on with my 5-year-old son and riding ...

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    Way to go everyone on meeting your goals! It is inspiring to read how you all have worked hard to reach your goal often working through many other things to get there. For myself I have reached a few life goals and am currently working towards a few more. One that I am almost done with currently is earning a BA in Child Development. :) Sara Aarestad


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    We invite you to register for a free GRE Strategy Session Webinar hosted by the United States Military Academy ΦΚΦ chapter on April 16 at 7 a.m. CT. A Princeton Review instructor will review GRE test structure, question types, scoring methods, and tips for how to dodge traps.
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    We have announced the 2021 Phi Kappa Phi Dissertation Fellowship recipients! Ten members received a $10,000 fellowship which is designed to support them in the dissertation writing stage of their doctoral studies.
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