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    Hi Sarah! Some of my all-time favorites are  The Book Thief  by Markus Zusak,  The Count of Monte Cristo  by Alexandre Dumas and  Flowers for Algernon  (a short story) by Daniel Keyes.  The Book Thief takes place during WWII and is both moving and amazingly, beautifully written.  The Count of Monte Cristo is a revenge story set in 1800s France, and it has one of the best, most intense plots I've ...

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    I am a BIG Beatles fan (John was my favorite).  I plan to attend the YouTube 80th birthday party for Ringo tomorrow!  I also love lots of old rock, and I am a fan of Aerosmith.  But, I also enjoy country music!  And before I got into public health, I was a music major many years gone by--so I also like classical!

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    RE: Introduce Yourself

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    Hello everyone! My name is Emily and I am currently studying to earn my Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Florida. I accepted the invitation to join UF's chapter of Phi Kappa Phi in June, 2020. Some of my favorite ways to spend time are reading, and writing and/or solving all sorts of puzzles and codes. It's great to get to meet you all!

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    I live on a small 10 acre farm (see my introduction!).  I have three dogs; a Husky, a great Pyrenees and Aussie mix, and a small mutt!  I also have 7 cats (down from 10).  I plan to get chickens soon.  Love my animals--they are all rescues!

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    Hi.  My name is Theresa Byrd.  I was just initiated into Phi Kappa Phi at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (by email--the time of COVID-19!!)  I am currently the Associate Dean of the GSBS and the Chair of the Department of Public Health.  I worked for UT Health in Houston (I was at the El Paso Regional Campus) for almost 20 years before moving to TTUHSC in El Paso to teach at the Paul ...


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