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    Hi All! I am currently seeking an online doctoral program with no luck and am really looking on here to see if anyone is currently in one or knows of one pertaining to forensic science. Sadly a residency program is not an option for me right now, but I am due to graduate with my masters in May and I would love to find something before then. Does anyone have any advice or leads? Thanks so much! A ...

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    We visited Highclere Castle in the English countryside a few years ago - this is the site of Downton Abbey.  The tour was amazing and we were lucky enough to have afternoon tea while there.  An amazing experience as an avid watcher of the television series.

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    Stress what is stress ? ------------------------------ Claudia Meadows ------------------------------

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    Hi Kara and everyone! I tend to have a hobby of finding new hobbies. :D Those that have stuck around: music (guitar and piano), cycling (drop-bar gravel rides - which was huge for me during the pandemic), and photography. Thanks to my 2 year old, I can also include train watching and puddle jumping here too! ------------------------------ Brennan Stewart University of Maryland Global Campus --- ...

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    Hi Olivia (and others), I recently jumped on the Audible train as well! 1. What are you listening to now? Moby Dick by Herman Melville (trust me, it's a labor of love as payback for having an English bachelor's without having touched this once) 2. What are your recommendations? The Martian by Andy Weir (more sci-fi like Reginald's preference, but Wil Wheaton's narration is killer for 1 ...


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