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    Hello, I am an international student from India, completing my Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, from University of Bridgeport.  I am planning to do a research on NON-STEM  International students. I would greatly appreciate, if anyone who is pursuing/completed NON-STEM program could share their experiences in terms of education, their programs, finding jobs, employment struggles, and ...

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    Hello, How do I find a person who is a Talent Acquisition Specialist as I consider transitioning to a previous career? I have 4 graduate degrees and work experience in each of them. I want to find a person knowledgeable in the training and development field, as well as Educational Psychology/School Psychology. Does anyone know of a person who helps with career transitions in HRTD/Educational Psychology/School ...

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    Donald MacKenzie, in "The Social Construction of Technological Systems" by Wiebe E. Bijker, et al, wrote "Technologists often have little time for sociology and other social sciences.  Yet successful engineers also know that, to be successful, they have to engineer more than metal and equations.  A technological enterprise is simultaneously a social, an economic, and a political enterprise."  He subsequently ...

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    Yes,  I have my cup throughout the day, mostly in winter! I surely prefer Arabica aroma compared to Robusta. ------------------------------ Clauditte Tchakoua Jackson State University ------------------------------

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    Audiology is a fun field to be in!  ------------------------------ Jessica Presley University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point ------------------------------


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