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    Share your thoughts!!! Graduate Student Type: 1st Level - 1st degree holder (BS) with little to no research experience working on a masters (MS) or doctorate (PhD). You may or may not know why you are in gradschool or in a particular program nor do you have idea of the type of research you want to do. So you depend solely on an advisor to see you through. A few at this level may have an idea ... (read more)

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    My undergraduate major was Biochemistry with research focus in environmental bioremediation, had my 1st masters in Environmental Control & Management, 2nd Masters in Environmental Toxicology & Pollution, 1st PhD in Biological Science. I am currently completing my 2nd PhD in Environmental Toxicology and a Master of Business Administration (MBA). I have worked professionally as a high school teacher ... (read more)

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    I was able to accomplish most of my goals for 2018. I am happy with how things went school wise last year. I finally felt comfortable with my progress in my major area to finally pick up the minor I have been wanting to declare since my first degree. In order for me to do this I had to overcome my fear of not being able to keep up the level of academic excellence with the minor on board. This year ... (read more)

  • We are currently accepting applications for our 2019 Love of Learning Awards. Two hundred awards, at $500 each, are available to help fund post-baccalaureate studies and professional development for active members. The deadline to apply is June 30. Click here to read more about the award, view eligibility requirements and learn how you can apply today! Questions? Contact @Kelli Partin . ​​ (read more)

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    Hi, everyone! We would love to hear how your 2018 goals turned out! Were you able to accomplish all you hoped to? Did you have an unexpected or successful turnout? Share with us today! @Matt Hardage , @Miss. Maryam Elmahdy , @Mr. Shyama Mahakalanda , @Nydee Ragoonanan , @Mr. John Briesemeister , @Ms. Lorise Diamond , @Mrs. Cherdonna Epps-Gardner , @Ms. Kayla Perez , @Ms. Pragati Rawat ... (read more)


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