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Mrs. Aisha Abdul Rahman


Roseville, CA
United States


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Expert in heritage preservation, genealogy, and the utilization of virtual worlds for cultural preservation. With a Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) degree specializing in heritage preservation, Aisha has dedicated her career to preserving and sharing the rich history and culture of African and African American communities.

As an archivist at the Sojourner Truth African Heritage Museum in Sacramento, California, Aisha has curated and managed collections that celebrate the contributions and legacies of these communities. Her expertise extends to the innovative use of technology, where she leverages browser-based virtual reality to create immersive educational experiences.

Aisha is also the founder of Legacy Designs Studio, a non-profit art gallery in the virtual world of Second Life. Through this pioneering venture, she advances the mission of making cultural heritage accessible through cutting-edge technology.

Aisha's personal journey, which led to her obtaining dual citizenship in Sierra Leone through genetic genealogy, highlights her commitment to reconnecting individuals with their ancestral roots. This unique experience has further enriched her expertise and deepened her understanding of the importance of heritage preservation.

As a recent graduate with an MLIS degree, Aisha continues to contribute her knowledge and skills to the field of heritage preservation. Her dedication to excellence, coupled with her innovative approaches, makes her a sought-after expert in the domains of archival science, genealogy, and virtual heritage preservation.

Aisha Abdul Rahman's expertise is marked by a passion for education and a commitment to bridging cultural divides by preserving and sharing the diverse and valuable histories of African and African American communities.

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